Over many years, we’ve found ISM to be very proactive in working closely with APEX to tackle any challenge. They will not just walk away when an issue arises. And their knowledge of the local culture has always been a strength. These are virtues not easily found in our industry.


Acbel has worked with ISM for more than 20 years. They’re very reliable and responsive, and always help us arrive at the best solution for all sides. We have a long and trusted relationship.



There are no technical obstacles we cannot help our partners overcome. Our staff includes experts across various engineering disciplines – electrical, mechanical, thermal – providing a single source for integrated, cross-functional solutions. We are proactively engaged; resolving technical issues before they impact production. Our engineers can be quickly deployed globally, going where you need us to be.

Experience and Expertise in a Broad Range of Projects and Markets

  • PCB, PCBA layout and DFM, DFT
  • Power Supply Design and DFM, DFT
  • Battery System Development and DFM, DFT
  • Three-phase and linear transformer design and DFM, DFT

In Action

ISM has long been a trusted partner of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cable television boxes, supporting their operations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil and Mexico. When issues arise, we instantly deploy our engineering experts who take charge, organize the response, conduct root-cause analysis and quickly implement a solution before production is further impacted. Our experience across the various technologies embedded in the final product allows us to see the complex interdependencies that must be accounted for and craft holistic solutions that address every possible technical consideration.

Project Management

Our project management team includes knowledgeable local specialists who communicate with our customers’ facilities in real-time and in their preferred language. We work closely with our partners to support their expansion into new regions (including South America, Central China, and India), solve start-up issues, and exceed performance expectations. Our customers count on us to be one-step-ahead of the changes in their industries, and to bring new opportunities to the table.


  • Experienced project-management professionals with industry-specific expertise
  • Global footprint and ‘always-on’ support from strategically located offices
  • Local knowledge: speaking the right language in the right time zone
  • Proactive response and issue resolution

In Action

Our global support model was never put to a more rigorous test than during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011. We realized that potential disruption in the availability of raw materials could be disastrous. We identified all potential raw material impacts to our customers and quickly secured all available supply from distribution channels in the US, Europe, and Asia. We also identified alternative materials and components and performed an intensive qualification process for them.

Quality Assurance

Our highly-trained inspectors focus on those areas most important to our customers, including impedance controls, identification of sub-supplier maverick lot excursions, and implementation of critical ECOs.


  • Source Inspections: ISM performs AQL inspections once the supplier has completed all inspections and packaging, allowing our customers to effectively implement dock-to-stock inventory management systems.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: ISM engineers monitor customer orders (including WIP status, on-time delivery, and review of supplier manufacturing processes) and are on-site for continuous process improvement.
  • Process Engineering: ISM works with suppliers to ensure that the manufacturing and test processes are properly defined. Process issues are caught immediately and corrected. This coordinated effort minimizes cases of our customers receiving non-compliant or defective products.

In Action

A complex six-layer board delaminated during the assembly process. ISM immediately deployed a team of PCB and QA experts to the supplier. After thorough inspection, our team suspected that the issue was rooted in the board design, and not in manufacturing. ISM engaged an independent laboratory that confirmed our suspicion: a critical design flaw caused one section of the board to be overloaded from a combination of high hole density, complex stack-up configuration, and close proximity of copper inner layers. ISM assisted the supplier and customer to modify the board design and rectify the issue, which has not occurred again.

Supply Chain Management

Customers trust ISM to cost-effectively manage their supply chain, so they can focus on their core business. We combine our logistics expertise with experienced demand/supply management to customize reliable solutions for each project.


  • Component strategies to ensure uninterrupted availability of raw materials
  • Logistics management: cost-effective solutions for moving goods from dock-to-dock
  • Global JIT/VMI programs: successful program design and execution to provide local finished goods storage and unmatched response time
  • Customized Demand/Supply Reporting
  • Value-Add Programs: custom solutions for our customers including kitting, recharging, repackaging, relabeling, and reverse logistics